US M4 bayonet, rubber grips. (ABCN141)(K24)(JN228-1)

€ 325,00
US102 EXC+ R2-3

US M1 Carbine, M1A1 carbine and M2 carbine. Minty parkerized blade with long false edge. Excellent round hard rubber handle, made of two piece of hard black rubber. Six grooves. Straight crossguard with muzzle ring MRD 15 mm. No maker marks. The pommel with two spring loaded locking catches is. Blade tang is peened and black painted. The latch pins are peen marked.
Excellent green plastic scabbard with a reinforced tip and a lace hole in the tip. Throat is marked  USM8A1 over US makers name: PWH. (= Workhouse For the Blind. Philadelphia-Pennsylvania). Green integral webbing with a belt hook and a retaining strap.

Many leather early leather gripped bayonets were refurbished with rubber grips after 1945 and during the 50ties by soft grey-black rubber grips in Japan or Korea. This one must have been refurbished during the late WWII-war years in the USA  with more solid black rubber grips.

Scarce and very nice example!