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Note: All bayonets have been referenced from Jerry Janzen's Bayonet Notebook (JN), Paul Kiesling's books Bayonets of the World (K), Atlas de la Baionnette de Collection- New edition (ABCN) Part I, II,III, Ian Skennerton's British and Commonwealth Bayonets (BCB), Anthony Carter's German Bayonets Vol. I, II, III and IV. (GB), Jerry Janzens's Bayonets of the Remington Period (BRP), Raymond Labar's Bayonets of japan (RL) Klaus Lübbe; Deutsche Seitengewehre und Bajonette (KL).

Rarity and condition rating is referenced as follows:

Overall Condition Codes: Antony Carter's Rarity Codes:
G - Good (average) R1 - Common bayonet, easy to find.
VG - Very Good (above average) R2 - Scarce bayonet, difficult to find.
Exc - Excellent (near issue) R3 - Rare bayonet, very hard to find
Mint - Outstanding (unissued) R4 - Extreme rare bayonet, few known.

Bayonets and scabbards with matching serialnumbers are always marked
"Matching" in the description.

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