Argentine M 1891 bayonet Shortened. Used by Peru.(ABC N 903-6)(K0)(JN 2-1*)e

€ 215,00
AR9 - VGC++ R2-3

Mauser M 1891. s# 0291 on crossguard and pommel. Very good bright polished fullered and shortened blade. Crisp intact (!)Argentine crest and MODELO ARGENTINO 12891  and s# T 9945 on ricasso. Maker's logo; WEYERSBERG, KIRSCHBAUM & Co, SOLINGEN on three lines on reverse side of the blade. Blade spine is marked: A. Excellent bright pommel with RA in an oval and S# 0291 in large digits on pommel. Blade tang has another s# W 2336 and the other side of the blade tang is marked 2621. Bright polished crossguard is marked in large digits 0291 and a R on the reverse side. Crossguard with muzzle ring MRD 15.4 mm. and forward swept quillon. Very nice alloy grips. Total length bayonet 362 mm. Shortened all metal scabbard with repositioned brass welted frogstud, shows a few shallow dents but holds bayonet perfect.
Comes with its (Peruvian?) brown leather frog in an excellent condition as found.

Very rare shortened Argentine bayonet believed to be used by the  Peruvian police.