Irish used German modified French M 1874 Gras bayonet(ABCN1520-1)(JN0)(K0)

€ 425,00
IR9-EXC R3-4

German M 1888 Commission rifle. s# K 16364 on quillon. This is an extremely rare German modification of a French M 1874 Gras Bayonet to fit the German M 1888 Mauser rifle which was delivered to Ireland 
Excellent bright polished T-shape blade with French maker's name Mre. d Ármes de St. Etienne Fervier 1877 crisp on blade spine. Hilt altered by grinding away the upperpart of the brass pommel over the intire length so reducing the depth of the slot and adding an unique replacement for the locking tooth. Excellent  metal crossguard, curved quillon with final and muzzle ring MRD 17 mm. Two French markings on ricasso and three more on the quillon. Very good wooden grips. Excellent blued metal scabbard with no dents.

This is one of the only 5.000 former French M 1874 Gras bayonets, modified in Germany and supplied by Benny Spiro of Hamburg, Germany to fit 5.000 M1888 Commission rifles. In 1914 these rifles were smuggled illigally into Ireland by the Ulster Volenteer Force (UVF). This became known as the Larne Gunrunning.
Besides the 5.000 M 1888 Commission rifles, there were also 15.000 Mannlicher M1904 rifles and 10.000 Verterli-Vitali rifles involved.
An extremely rare bayonet forming a part of the history of Ireland!