English No.4 MK II* socket bayonet by Baird of Belfast. (ABCN34)(K4)(JN61-1)

€ 180,00
EN169 EXC R2

Enfield 303. No.4 rifle. Serial number 24890 over 50. Excellent blued socket with bright finished round blade made from two pieces. Blade is fixed with a pin. Socket is marked with makers logo:  No.4 MKII over BEC inside an oval.(= Baird Engeneering Company, Belfast, Nothern Ireland) There is a clear inspection mark Crown IG (= Indian Goverment) and another 69. 
The reverse of the socked is marked 2.
Excellent blued No.4 MK1 scabbard with a sinc (Mazac) throat. No dents.
Comes with a green webbing frog with retaining strap and a rare brown leather/ brass securing tab (AC163). Frog has a hard to read stamp on the reverse side. M.C. & Co. /I\19??

The highly collectable Bairds No.4 MkII* bayonets were known for their fine finish, the spike blade was steel pinned rather than welded to the socked. This one is also marked with an Indian Goverment inspection marking.

Baird Engeneering of Belfast only made a total of 75.000 No.4 MKII* spike bayonets (Others say 101.103). The same (or somewhat more) as there were No.4 MK1 cruciform blade bayonets made by Singer.