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German(Prussian) M 1862 Dreyse needle rifle socket bayonet(ABCN1107-1)(K341)(JN0)

GE156 Near MINT! R4
Status  SOLD

Prussian M 1862 Dreyse Infantry Needle rifle. (Zundnadel Infanterie Gewehr). serial number 7122 on collar. Near MINT bright finished triangular blade, crisp market M over two more crisp Prusian inspection marks. Socket with bridge to the rear, mortise slot to the right and locking ring. Shank is unit marked11. 65. and the elbow is marked; 83, 3 and crisp German inspection mark. MRD 19,5 mm. No scabbard. The infantry did not use a scabbard. Only the Landwehr, the ersatz batalions and the marine used scabbards.
A very rare and near MINT socket bayonet for the famous German Dreyse needle rifle who played a major rule in the Franco-Prusian war of 1870-1871
Realy hard to find, special in this condition!