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German captured French Chassepot M 1866 bayonet. Unit marked(ABCN1804)(K0)

GE150 EXC R2-3
€ 325,00

Captured France M 1866 Chassepot rifle. Very good long bright fullered yatagan blade with 2 French inspection markings on ricasso. Blade spine is very crisp marked by French maker and dated: M're Imp'ale de Chat'l- 7 'br. 1868. (= Imperial factory at Chatellerault, October 7th. 1868 Excellent brass grip with external spring with no pitting. Slot marked X 590. Excellent bright crossguard and muzzle ring MRD 17.5 mm and quillon with three crisp French inspector markings. Left crossguard is unit marked:  4. G. G. L. II. 4. 138 (= 4 Garde Grenadier Landwehr Regiment, Königin Augusta Berlin, 2 Batallion, 4 Kompagnie, rifle number 138. 
Excellent black painted scabbard is also unit marked 4. G. L. II. 4. ???. New added German frog stud marked with two inspection marks. No dents

Excellent German used French M 1866 with very interesting unit marking on both bayonet and scabbard. Made in 1868, so this bayonet must have been used and captured after the French-German war of 1870-1871