US M1 bayonet by IMPERIAL, converted to a fighting knife (ABCN139)(K22)(JN227-2)

€ 225,00
US50 VGC+ R3

US M4 bayonet converted to a fighting knife. Very good parkerized single edged blade with a large false edged. Excellent 6 groove leather grip and pommel with bayonet slot removed. Excellent parkerized crossguard with muzzle ring, MRD 14.75 mm. Crossguard is crisp marked US M4 - Flaming bomb - IMPERIAL . This fighting knife comes as found in an excellent Italian shortened M 1871 black leather scabbard with brass fittings. No dents to the fittings and all stitches intact.
100% WWII (1943-44) produced bayonet, flaming bomb marked.
The scabbard raises a question mark: Is this a captured and converted American bayonet, carried by an Italian soldier in a shortened Italian scabbard. Or is this an American, to a fighting knife converted bayonet, carried in a captured and shortened Italian scabbard by an American GI? We do not know. Total lenght bayonet 28 cm. Total lenght scabbard 18.7 cm
Very interesting WWII set! Never encountered before.