German captured and altered French Chassepot M 1866 bayonet (ABCN1811)(K0)(JN)

€ 575,00
GE140 VGC+ R3-4

German captured M 1866 Chassepot rifle bayonet and altered to fit the German M 1871 and M 1871/84 rifle. Serial number H 48386 on crossguard. Very good long bright fullered yatagan blade with 2 French inspection markings on ricasso. Blade spine is marked M're Imp'ale de St. Etienne - 7 'bre 1868. (= Imperial factory at Saint Etienne, September. 1868.) Very good modified brass grip with external spring with pitting. Grip is cut in one step 2.5 mm deep and 35 mm from the crossguard. Grip is numbered 2 in the step. Crossguard and muzzle ring have some acceptable light pitting on one side only. Left quillon is marked with 3 crisp Frence inspection markings. MRD 17.5 mm. Excellent black painted scabbard with no dents and a new added German frog stud marked with an old French serial numer and a German unit marking; 64. L. I.  4. 143 (= Landsturm Infantry Regiment No. 64, General- Feldmarschall Prinz Friederich Karl von Preussen, Prenzlau and Angermunde, 1 Bataillon, 4th Company, Rifle number 143) on the reverse side.
The bayonet comes with an unmarked black patent leather frog as found.

Very good German altered French M 1866. Dated 1868, so this bayonet must have been used and captured after the French-German war 1870-1871 and altered in 1873
Extremely rare alteration  of a French M 1866 Chassepot bayonet, only mentioned in Roy William's book;  The collectors book of German bayonets. Part 2. item 726 (see picture)