Dutch Jaeger officers Gala visor cap. Limburgse jagers

€ 75,00
Militaria/ Others

Dutch Infantry Officers visor cap. Excellent dank blue fabric peaked officers cap. Dress uniform cap for the rank of colonel. Blue top and visor, red seemed black band with leather chin strap. Gilt washed infantry batch showing a Dutch rampant lion in an orange circle. Dutch royal crown in gold buillon wire work above and gilt laurels around the batch indicating a high rank officers cap. Visor with gold buillion wire work: oak leaves and achorns. Gilt button secured black chinstrap. 
New cap in a MINT condition.  No maker's name. Size 58 on the inside. Production date; ca. 2000 
These peak caps are used by Dutch Jaeger officers of the rank of colonel of the Limburgse jagers regiment.  Gala uniform cap. Genuine item. 
Size 58. Very attractive item.