Greece M 1952 Garand bayonet ( ABC N 354-2 ) (JN 0)(K 0)

€ 155,00
GR8 - EXC R2/3

Garand M1 rifle, Typical Greek serial number Π 4760 on crossguard. Very good parkerized fullered blade with EN S and E_-Grenate- US in two lines on ricasso. Blued pommel and crossguard with muzzle ring MRD 15,8 mm. and typical Greek serial number. Excellent black ripped plastic grips secured by a single screw to the tang. Very good green fiber scabbard with an unusual long green painted metal chape and top mount with belt hooks marked E US.
This bayonet was used by the Greek Evzoni elite light infantry and mountain units and not issued to Guantemala as stated by some authors.
Not a very common bayonet!