English used French M1874 Gras bayonet modified for Volunteer Training Corps (ABCN605-1)(K 204)(JN 70-2)

€ 250,00
EN100 EXC R4

Unknown British rifle. s# C 49762 on the quillon.  Very good shortened bright T-shaped blade. Makers name and date on blade spine. M.re d' Armes de st. Etienne Janvier 1875. Excellent brass pommel with diverse markings in mortise slot. Crossguard with shortened guillon, marked  A 6.  Crossguard blade facing shows several numbers and markings. Screw- tightening device removed from muzzle ring. Muzzle ring is very carefully closed and MRD reduced to 17 mm. Excellent wooden grips rivited to the blade tang. External leaf spring. Overall length 433 mm. Excellent blued modified Gras M 1874 scabbard. It is shortened on both sides and the French type loop replaced by a rather unusual oval frog stud.
Regarding to Anthony Carter in his book German Bayonets, Volume 3, page 233, this unique British modified French M 1874 Gras bayonet was used as a training bayonet by the Volunteer Training Corps during WWI.  Very rare and very interesting British bayonet!