English M 1907 bayonet by WILKINSON- PALL MALL dated 11-'18 (ABCN1027)(K318)(JN57-3)

€ 145,00
EN134 EXC R2

British Lee Enfield (SMLE) No.7 rifle. Second pattern. Excellent bright finished fullered blade. The c. first 2 cm are blackened. Ricasso marked with makers name WILKINSON - PALL MALL. in two rows on the ricasso and   11 '18 Crown GR and 1907.  The PALL MALL stamp is as usual very hard to read! Clear British inspection marks on reverse side of ricasso.  Excellent walnut grips. Blued pommel and crossguard with muzzle ring MRD 16.5 mm. Oil hole in pommel. Excellent black leather MKII scabbard. Blued fittings. All stitches intact and no dents. Top mount with almond style frog stud and three rivets.

Wilkinson Sword Co. Ltd. was the largest producer of Patt. 1907  bayonets and production took place mainly in their factory at Aton. These at Aton produced bayonets are all marked WILKINSON only.  WILKINSON - PALL MALL marked bayonet were made on a seperate contract in Wilkinson's showroom at 53 Pall Mall, London S.W. 1 and are rather scarce. The Pall Mall shop was used to equip officers of the Allied armies. Marked so bayonet are only found dated 1916 -1917 or 1918. This example is dated 11-'18. Note: On November 11, 1918 the Great War was over!

Interesting bayonet.