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Dutch Grenadiers en Jagers Memorial plate

€ 55,00

Dutch Grenadiers and Jagers Memorial plate 1829 - 7 JULI- 1939. This blue on white ceramic plate was hand out to al Jagers and Grenadiers during the 110th anniversery of the regiment. It shows the flaming grenate of the Grenadier Regimet and the Hunters horn of the Regeiment jagers. This was done by former minister Deckers in kamp Waalsdorp on the 10th of July.
The plate is marked on the reverse side with a Sphinx, makers name; NV de Sphinx, v/h/ Petrus Regout, Maasticht and Made in Holland and 73/4. This plate in in an outstanding contition and is quite scarce. Diameter 21 cm