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Bayonet display, Very large British No.5 bayonet display, Jungle carbine

€ 175,00

Display of a British No.5 Jungle carbine bayonet. Very attractive professionally made and large display of a British No.5 MkII. Jungle carbine bayonet, Second type. This interesting vintage item is made out of solid casted polished bright alloy. The crossguard is pinned to the blade. Grip is made out of wood with two large alloy rivets. It is exactly half a bayonet. The display is mounted on a red painted wooden wall plank by two large bolds which are seen in the fuller of the blade. There is no name or any number visable on the bayonet.
Messurements of the bayonet: Lenght 45 cm / 17 3/4 Inch. Width of the blade at ricasso 4.3 cm / 2 inch. Messurements wall plank: 55 cm / 21 3/4 Inch by 17,5 cm / 7 Inch.

This unique massive piece is very well and professionally made. Perhaps is was once made by one of the five English No.5 producing companies as a display for a military exhibition. Now it forms a great display in your armoury, your man cave or above your fire place!