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Dutch Naval Midshipman's dirk M 1888 by P. Mansveld, The Hague (JP Page 113-250C)

€ 135,00

"Marineponjaard M 1888" Very good double edged bright blade with light etching on both sides showing fouled anchors and naval motives. Red vilt washer. Ricasso is marked with Dutch retailer name and residence. P. MANSVELD,  's GRAVENHAGE  (=The Hague) in two scrolls on ricasso. Grip is made of one piece round now to yellow turning celluloid and a brass pommel. Grips is missing a very small chip near the crossguard and there is a small crack. Massive brass crossguard with an anchor and three circles on the reverse side.Two brass straight quillons with eichorns on the very ends. Left quillon is marked with the unique Dutch naval service number: 483. This number gives acces to the name of the owner.
No scabbard. Total lenght 360 mm. Width at the ricasso 16 mm.
Very charming early Dutch naval dirk made arround 1900 -1910.