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Dutch M 1895 Cavalry officers sword with very rare straight blade(No ref.)

SNE146 EXC R3-4
€ 495,00

"Cavalerie Officierssabel M 1895". Excellent slim, straight and fullered bright blade with no markings. Excellent and large nickel silver finished engraved and pierced bowl hand guard with 7 bars. Also the inside of the bowl is in an excellent codition which is seldom seen with these 1895/ 1897 models.
Excellent nickel-silver pommel. Detachable hilt with ribbed brown horn grip with intact silver wire winding. Excellent nickel silver finished metal scabbard with one loose hanging ring and afew user spurs only on the reverse side towards the drag. 
Very rare and unusual straight blade model! Please note: This is not a rare M 1895 mounted artillery T-blade sword, but this is we believe an even more rarer cavalry M 1895 model with a straight fullered blade!! First example we have ever seen!!
Total length 103 cm. Blade width, messured at the ricasso, 2 cm. Made around 1900.
Comes with its orange core sword knot as found.