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Italian -Papal States (VATICAN) M 1868 Remington bayonet. (ABCN1710-2)(K0)(JN0)

IT34 EXC+ R3-4
Status  On Hold

Italian- Papal States- (Vatican) M 1868 Remington rifle and carbine. Cal. .488 (12,4 mm.) Serial number 440 on crossguard. Excellent bright finished fullered yatagan blade with very rare German maker's logo A.& A.S. (= August and Albert Schnitzler of Solingen) on the ricasso. Reverse ricasso shows another logo Crown over C.C. in a cartouche and a faint capital A. Excellent brass grip with a external spring and a chamfered slot. Grip and pommel are both marked with a capital A in a circle (= Arsenal Pontificaux = Papal Arsenal). Bright finished crossguard with muzzle ring MRD 18 mm. and a fast forward swept quillon.
All metal and correct French M 1866 Chassepot style scabbard with no dents and a capital A on the final.

These Remington rifles and bayonets were used by the Papal Army (Esercito Pontificio) and the Papal Zouaves who saw service against the army of General Giuseppe Garibaldi redshirts in 1870.
A seldom encounted marked bayonet with a history, very hard to find. Also see info in the book: Bayonets of the Remington cartridge period by Jerry Janzen.