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Italian M 1959 Bayonet(ABCN-2)(K0)(JN128-2)

€ 170,00

Beretta BM 59 Mark ITAL rifle. Currently used on Beretta 5.56mm AR70 and SC70 automatic rifles. s#. 51163 on ricasso. Minty parkerized spear pointed blade with Italian (Turin Arsenal) maker's logo A.E.T. - Flaming bomb over Crossed cannons-1957 in three lines on ricaso Excellent blackened US M7 type pommel and crossguard with large muzzle ring MRD 22 mm. Crossguard facing the blade is marked Star- FAT-71 in a box. Marbled brown ribbed plastic hilt fixed to the blade with two screw bolts. Minty green plastic khaki painted scabbard with yellow khaki canvas belt loop. First produced in 1970 and now used by Italian special troops.
Beautiful MINT example!