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Italian M 1917 ersatz bayonet(ABCN327-2)(K500)(JN124-2)

€ 395,00

Italian Mannlicher-Carcano 91 Rifle and carbine or captured Austrian M 1895 Mannlicher rifle. No serial number. Short fullered blade, once the top section of long M 1870 or 1870/87 Vetterli blade. Blade is pitted on the ricasso and in the fuller. Pitted steel cylindric handle with a very unusual spring type locking device. Nut on top of the pommel. Catch works correct. Metal crossguard with forward swept quillon and muzzle ring. MRD 15 mm. Hilt and crossguard show traces of old black and reddish brown paint.
All metal black painted scabbard with no markings is pitted but no dents. 

Extremely rare Italian made ersatz bayonet! Not in a very good condition but still very collectable. Prob. the most rarest bayonet we ever had on our list!