German M 1898/05 n.A. bayonet 1920 and RLM marked( ABCN804-10)(K 628)(JN0)

GE161 VGC+ R3-4

German Mauser M 1898 Rifle and Carbine.  Very good refurbished and arsenal blued fullered "bucher" blade with German makers name WAFFENFABRIK, MAUSER A.G., OBERNDORF.a.N  in three rows on the ricasso. Crown over 18! for Prussia and crisp German Inspection mark on the blade spine. Blued pommel and crossguard with quillon. Crossguard is marked 1920 (= Weimar Republic) on the one side and RLM. 387 on the reverse (=Reichs Luftfahrt Ministerium) and 412 in the muzzle ring rest. (Police marking!)
Inspection marking on the pommel. Very good arsenal refurbished ribbed wooden grips with oil hole fixed to the blade tang by two slotted screwbolts. Flash guard and T-O slot in pommel. Catch has screwdriver cut outs.
Excellent blued scabbard with no dents.

1920 marked bayonets were used by the "Reichswehr" (= The army of the Weimar Republic (1921-1935) the German government between the two wars) and are rare.
All Weimar Republik bayonets were arsenal refurbished and deep blued  "old" Great War bayonets. This one was very fine peppered all over before is was blued.
This 1920 blued Weimar Republic marked bayonet in particular, marked RLM. 387 on the crossguard, was used by the Reichs Luftfahrt Ministerium (= Ministery of Aviation and formed in 1933 by Hermann Goring) (Later called Luftwaffe!) and is extremely rare! (Ref. Book Seitengewehr: George Wheeler, Page 68)

"WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER AG. produced enormous quantities of M 98/05 during 1916 and 1917 and these are common. However bayonets with other dates are extremely rare: two have been recorded dated 1915 and only one 1918 implying that production began in late 1915 and finished in early 1918" (Ref. German Bayonets, Antony Carter, page 82) This one is crisp dated 1918!
A very very interesting and rare WWI bayonet, reused by the Weimar Republic (Prob. used by Weimar Republic Police) and later reissued to the Nazi's as Luftwaffe bayonet!