Finnish M 1927 bayonet, Civil Guard model by Hackman (K 163)(JN 64-2)(ABC N 528-2-6)

€ 295,00
FI6 - EXC R2/3

Mosin Nagant M 1927, 28 SK, 28-30 SK, M39. s# S 125220 on tang. Excellent bright polished concave blade with maker's name; HACKMAN & Co on ricasso. No oil hole in pommel. Bright polished pommel and crossguard. MRD 16.7 mm. Excellent wooden grips riveted to the blade tang. Muzzle ring MRD 16.7 mm. Civil guard inspection marking ; (KE) (=Kosti Eakola) on crossguard. Pommel marked; 17 (Faint). Very nice green painted ribbed metal scabbard with oval frogstud.
Hard to find M 1928 model.