Last update: May 20,  2022

Weapon identification

Weapon identification/Taxation

We are frequently asked about antique weapons; What it is?
In most cases we have an answer for you. How ever this is not free.

If you are curieus to know what bayonet and/or other weapon you have in the house and want an indication of the value, we can identify these weapons for you at a reasonable prices. To do this right we need detailed pictures of the item(s) and a description of all noticeable markings and measurement of the weapons. You have to pay us in advance and you can send us you payment via your bank, Paypal or  your Credit card (via Paypal). 

Once we have received your payment, we will send you the identification analysis of your weapon(s). which will include a detailed description, its rarety and the today's market retail value.
You will receive that report within two week after we have received the information/payment.
If we do not know what it is, there are of course no cost.

Below you find a overview of the cost.

Antique rifle/carbine/No Pistols and revolvers!) € 40,-
Antique sword/spadroon/klewang € 35,-
Antique bayonet /fighting knife/Hunting knife. € 30,-


Please note that our expertise is World bayonets, Dutch swords and Dutch military rifles, pistols and shooting guns. 

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We are a mail order service but we also do have a showroom. Visits by appointment only.

For a visit request, please send us an e-mail. We speak Dutch, German and English.

No problem if you prefer to order by e-mail, but please send us your full address details!

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