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Dutch light Cavalry troopers sword M 1813, No.1. English pattern (JP77-113 -III)

€ 1550,00
SNE219 VGC+ R3

 Nederlands manschappen sabel van de lichte cavalerie M 1813 No.1 Engels model. / Dutch light cavalry troopers sword M 1813, No.1, English Pattern. Superb curved fullered bright finished heavy blade. Intact leather washer. Excellent bright finished steel hilt with stirrup hand guard and forward swept quillon. Quillon is unit marked J 369 (= Regiment Mounted Jaeger) . Excellent ribbed wooden grip covered with black horse leather. 
Sword knot slit in top of the guard. Back of the hilt with ears and a steel pin. Steel crossguard with langets on both sides.
Excellent all steel scabbard with unit marking: J 198 and two loose hanging rings. No dents.
Length: 94 cm. Width at the ricasso: 4,1 cm.

Very impressive and heavy Dutch (Napoleonic era) troopers sword. These swords were made either in England or in Germany and purchased by the Dutch King and supplied to his army of the battle field (Waterloo!) and used against the troops of the French empire Napoleon Bonaparte. These are very similar, almost identical, to the feared British M 1796 Light Cavalry troopers sword and the German M 1811 "Blucher swords".

We are very glad we could obtain, during an international auction in 2020, a certain number of very rare Dutch cavalry troopers swords. We have purchased only the top items out of this collection. These rare swords, which you can find now on our web site, belonged to The Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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