English M 1907 bayonet, Unit marked; 1. Herefortshire Regiment (JN 57-3)(ABC N 1024-2)(K 317)

€ 175,00
EN92 - VGC+ R2

British Lee Enfield (SMLE) No.7 rifle. Second pattern. Excellent bright blade, first 20 mm blackened. Crowned GR 1907 dated 5 '17  and '32 on ricasso. Clear British (Enfield)  inspection marks on reverse side of ricasso and another isssue date '19 .Pommel is (faint) unit marked: T over  1. HF. over 355. (= First bataillon of the Herefortshire regiment. Territorial.) Excellent chestnut grips. Very nice black leather MKII scabbard. All stitches intact and no dents to the blued metal fittings. Top mount with tear round frog stud and three rivets. 

The Herefordshire regiment was formed in 1880 as the First Herefordshire Rifle Volonteers Regiment. In 1881 it became the Volonteer bataillion of the King's (Shropshire Light Infantry). In 1908 it was transferred to the Territoral force and was renamed to the Herefortshire Bataillon.
In August1915 the First Herefortshire Bataillon landed at Suvla bay in Gallipoli. It moved to Egypt in December 1925 and fought at the Western frontline from June 1918.
A very interesting history