Egyptian used English M 1907 bayonet by CHAPMAN(ABC N 1035)

€ 160,00
EG8 - EXC R6

Lanchester M 1941 SMG Mk1 and Mk1* . S# crisp in Arabic on pommel. Excellent fullered bright polished blade. Crown over GR, 1907 and date 10 '17 and makers name CHAPMAN faint  on ricasso. Reverse side of ricasso shows inspection marks; Bending mark X, Broad arrow. Excellent blued pommel with oil hole and cross guard with muzzle ring. MRD 16,6 mm. Very nice beech wooden grips. Excellent black leather No. I Mk II scabbard with metal fittings (no dents) and round frog stud with all stitches intact. Not a common bayonet.