Argentine M 1891 bayonet. Alloy grips. (ABCN904)(K287)(JN2-1)

€ 180,00
AR30 Near MINT R1

Argentine Mauser M 1891 kal. 7.65 mm  rifle. Serial nb: A 8032 Matching!. Minty long bright fullered blade with crisp German maker's name WEYERSBERG KIRSCHBAUM & Co SOLINGEN in three lines on ricasso and an intact Argentine crestModelo Argentino 1891 and matching serial number on reverse side. Star over A on blade spine. Excellent bright pommel with T slot and RA in cartouche marking. Crossguard with guillon and muzle ring MRD 15.5 mm. Crossguard with Px and  an unknown large C . Reverse  side of crossguard with a R in a circle. Excellent alloy grips secured to the blade tang by 2 metal rivets. Grips are marked M in a circle on both sides. Excellent blued metal scabbard with a matching unknown large C on round frogstud (see picture), matching serial numberDx marking and no dents. Ferule is marked RA in an oval
Low serial number.!

Between 1893 and 1898, 190.000 M 1891 bayonets with alloy grips were produced.

Near MINT  matching example with intact crest.!