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Dutch muzzle loader

€ 575,00

Dutch double barreled percussion muzzle loader.
Dutch double barreled percussion shotgun, transformation from a former flintlock system. 90 cm/ 35,5 Inch. Very good browned damascus barrels which starts octagonal and are ending round after the fore-end nose cap. Excellent figured walnut stock with one piece horn trigger guard and pistol grip. No cracks in the wood but there are two chips missing from the front part. Very good checkering on the fore end. Stock with cheek piece. Stock is crisp stamped BGS 41. This could be the transformation date 1841. Typical early style small first trigger. Excellent working side locks with large hammers. Excellent percussion turrets. Trigger guard is attached to the but by metal pins and these are fixated by bee wax. Comes with its origional cleaning rod. Silver shield chaped escucheon on stock. Very nice attractive early percussion sporting rifle in a pretty good condition. Made arround 1780 or even earlier.
Please note: there are no wormholes in the walnut stock. Perhaps the pictures give that impression. What you see in the pictures on the stock and also on the barrels and locks is simply dirt.( Fly shit!) what cleans off very easy.