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Dutch (Netherlands) M 1895 Marines bayonet by OEWG. (ABCN748)(K239)(JN147-3)

NE65 VGC+ R3
€ 495,00

Mannlicher M 1895 Marines rifle. Serial number 5464 on crossguard. Very nice blued T- form blade with Austrian maker's name OEWG on ricasso and Dutch inspection marking; T under a crown on reverse side. Very nice blued pommel and crossguard with stacking hook and muzzle ring MRD 14 mm. Pommel is marked with a K in a circle (Austrian inspection mark?) and a Dutch  Crown over S inspection marking on the reverse. Very nice detachable wooden grips secured with an unique screw and metal plate arrangement for tropical conditions. Blade, pommel and crossguard show stains but there is no pitting. Very nice dark brown second model leather scabbard with retaining strap very simular as the infantry scabbard.There is a clear CW marking and a not matching serial number 3337 on the reverse side.  All stitches intact and metal internal chape fixed with a brass wire.The first model had no internal chape and no retaining strap. The third and last model had the retaining strap closer to the scabbard throat.
The Marine version of the M 1895 Mannlicher bayonets is the rarest of the serie and is very hard to find. Before HEMBRUG in the Netherlands produced this model is was made in Austria at OEWG, by Alexander Coppel, Solingen Germany and Weyersberg & Kirschbaum in Solingen. This one is an early one and was made at OEWG in Austria.