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Korean M1951 US/Arisaka bayonet (JN141-1)ABCN0)(K0)(RL142/ 301/Page 410

€ 295,00

Arisaka rifle Type 99 Rechambered to US 30-6.  No serial number! Japanese unaltered Type 30 bayonet, made by Tokio arsenal. Excellent bright fullered blade with large Japanese maker's logo of Tokio arsenal on ricasso and Tokio inspector marking. There is no serial number indicating that this is a very early Type 30 bayonet. Excellent blued bird's head pommel, crossguard with quillon and muzzle ring MRD14 mm. Excellent wooden grips secured to the blade tang with screw bolts and oval washers. Excellent US green painted metal scabbard with straight ferule and  Japanese or Korean marking 118 painted in white on the upper part. No dents! Green U.S. style integrated khaky frog with retaining strap and belt hook.
Very interesting early Japanese type 30 bayonet re-used by the Korean army (ROC)  in the Korean war but also by the Japanese police after WWII.
See book Japanese Bayonets by Raymond C. Labar LB 301 Page 409/ 410.