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AK47 bayonet, Black grip, made in Vietnam(No Ref.)

€ 165,00

AKM2 Kalashnikow automatic rifle. No s# . Minty Bowie style blade with sawback and false edge. Provision for wire cutting.
Black pommel with a star in a circle (=Vietnam arsenal mark) on the one side and 21 in a circle on the reverse side. Beautful black wrapped arround grips secured by to blackened screw bolts. Blackened crossguard with muzzle ring MRD 17,5 mm.
East German style M 74 black metal scabbard with grey leather retaining strap marked 1946/2.

Mint and quite a rare bayonet. Very well made. We learned that some 4.000 bayonets only were made in Vietnam for North Korea prob. around 1995. There were c. 2.000 produced with red grips and c. 2.000 with black grips. They were produced without a scabbard. The scabbard was made and delivered by the former DDR