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English No.4 MK II* socket bayonet by Baird of Belfast with Experimental MkII scabbard.(ABCN34)(K4)(JN61-1)

Status  SOLD

Enfield 303. No.4 rifle. Excellent parkerized socket and round blade made from two pieces of blued steel. Blade is fixed with a pin. Excellent blade tip. Socket is marked with makers logo:  No.4 MKII over BEC inside an oval, tiny and faint. (= Baird Engeneering Company, Belfast, Nothern Ireland) There is a clear british inspection mark Crown over N over 50 another 50 and a broad arrow. Excellent experimental tubular metall No.4 MkII scabbard with no dents and sinc throat. 
Comes with a MINT khaky frog CA 1944 marked.

The highly collectable Bairds No.4 MkII* bayonets were known for their fine finish, the spike blade was steel pinned rather than welded to the socked.
Baird Engeneering of Belfast only made a total of 75.000 No.4 MKII* spike bayonets (Others say 101.103). The same (or somewhat more) as there were No.4 MK1 cruciform blade bayonets made by Singer. The Franco-British Electrical Company, Tempel Park, Hurley only made 25.000 No.4 MkII experimental scabbards.