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English M 1907 bayonet by WILKINSON. Irish unit marking. (ABCN1027)(K318)(JN57-3)

EN135 EXC R2
€ 195,00

British Lee Enfield (SMLE) No.7 rifle. Second pattern bayonet. Serial number 155 Matching! Excellent bright finished blade. Ricasso marked with British makers name WILKINSON  dated  8 '17 Crown 1907.(faint)  Clear British (Enfield) inspection marks on reverse side of ricasso.  Excellent walnut grips stamped Crown over T5H. Blued pommel and crossguard with muzzle ring MRD 16.5 mm. Oil hole in pommel. Pommel is very crisp unit marked 2. I. F. over 155 (= Second Battalion of the Princess Victoria's Royal Irish Fusiliers regiment, rifle number 155) Excellent early London brown leather MKII scabbard. Top mount with almond style frog stud is marked RE.(=Remington made) and shows matching serial number 155 on throat. All stitches intact and no dents to the metal fittings. Comes in its excellent khaky frog.
Famous Irish unit! The Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victoria's) Landed in Le Harvre, France in Dec. 1914. On the Western frontline the fought in "The Action of St Eloi" and "The second battle of Ypres". They went to Salonika in December 1915 to fight the Bulgarian army. In sept 1917 they went to Egypt and Palestine and fought in "The third battle of Gaza", " The Capture of Jerusalem" and "The Battle of Nablus". By the end of WWI they were still in Palestine.