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Austro-Hungarian M 1895 Cavalry bayonet, NCO (ABC N 308-4) (K 76)(JN 9-4)

HU12 - VGC R2/3
€ 190,00

Mannlicher M 95 Cavalry carbine. s# 23 on crossguard. Very nice blade with Hungarian maker's logo; F.G.G.Y. (=FEMARU FEGYVER GEPGYAR Arsenal Budapest) on ricasso and Austrian Eagle crest on reverse side of the ricasso. Blade has some light staining. Pommel Reg. marked 5 FB 2516. Screwed loop on pommel and crossquard with hooked quillon and adjustable sight mounted on top muzzle ring. Blued metal scabbard is showing some wear but no serious dents.
Nice Hungarian made 1895 cavalry NCO type bayonet.