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German KS98 officer's dress bayonet WWI by C.E.(ABC N 401-2)(K 118)(JN 84-4)

GE37 - VGC+ R2
Status  SOLD

KS98 Officer's WWI dress bayonet. Beautiful bright polished rifle blade with maker's logo; Double sitting squirrels and C.E (= Carl Eickhorn-Solingen. Logo used between 1906 -1921)  on ricasso. Very nice and heavy bright polished metal birdhead pommel. Bright polished crossguard and short quillon. Excellent checkered black ebony wood grips, secured by three steel domed rivets. Black painted metal and correct WWI scabbard with no dents. Blade length 20 cm.
These WWI Imperial Dress bayonets are not made from plated white metal like the WWII dress models, but from bright polished steel and they are usual not marked.
WWI kS 98 officers dress bayonets are all made between 1901 and 1913. They are quite scarce. This one is in a near excellent condition.