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German M 1860 Fusilier bayonet (ABCN1419)(K404)(JN77-3)

GE167 VGC- R4
Status  SOLD

German M 1860 Dreyse Fusilier short rifle. Heavy pipe backed bright sabre blade with peppering, fine pitting and greying all over. German maker's name P. D. Lunenschloss- Solingen in two rows on ricasso. Reverse side is marked Crown F W 61 (= Prussia, King Frederick Wilhelm 1861) and Crown over a Gohtic B inspection marking. Very good brass grip with external spring. Spring shows pitting. Crisp Gohtic B inspection markings on the grip near the spring on the pommel and on the blade tang. Stained bright crossguard with back swapped finial and muzzle ring with cock comb. MRD 21.3 mm. Crossguard is marked with a faint unit number. ....203 and another Crown over F W,  61 , Crown over Gohtic B inspection mark facing the blade. Total lenght 637 mm. No scabbard. 

Many of the M 1860 fusilier bayonets were bushed later to 17. 2 mm and used with the M 1871 Jagerbuchse of the German artillery. This one still has the original MRD of 21.3 mm.!
A very rare to extremely rare bayonet in a Good to Very good - condition, still very collectable!