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German captured and altered French Chassepot M 1866 bayonet, Unit marked. (ABCN1811)(K0)(JN0)(Roy Williams 727)

GE164 EXC R4
€ 695,00

German captured M 1866 Chassepot rifle bayonet and altered to fit the German M 1871 and M 1871/84 rifle.  Excellent long bright fullered yatagan blade with Mutzig control mark Star H in a shield. Blade spine is marked M're Imp'ale de Mutzig Mars 1869. (= Imperial factory at Mutzig, March 1869.) Excellent modified brass grip with external spring. Pommel is marked 1 on site of the spring. Grip is cut in one step 2.5 mm deep and 35 mm from the crossguard. Grip is numbered 6 in the step and F A 5 in the mortse slot.. Excellent bright finished crossguard and muzzle ring. MRD 17.9 mm. 3 more French (Mutzig) inspection markings on quillon.Towards the blade, the crossguard is marked B 130 and M.  MRD 17.9 mm. Crossguard is unit marked : 3 G G L II  4. 41. (= 3 Garde Grenadier Landwehr Regiment, Koningin Elisabeth, Charlottenburg-Berlin, 2 Bataillon, 4 Kompanie, Rifle number 41. )  Excellent black painted French scabbard with no dents and a new added German frog stud with Crown C and Crown G acceptance marks

Excellent German altered French M 1866. Dated 1869, so this bayonet must have been used and captured after the French-German war of 1870-1871 and altered in 1873, long before the outbreak of the Great War in 1914

The Muzig Imperial factory was situated in a historical castle in Mutzig in the Alsac and was own by the Coulaux brothers of Klingenthal. They run there factory until the outbreak of the Franco-Prusian war on 19 july 1870. It was also here were Antoine Alphonse Chassepot invented his famous needle fire rifle.

Extremely rare and early alteration of a Mutzig made French M 1866 Chassepot bayonet, only mentioned in Roy William's book;  The collectors book of German bayonets. Part 2. item 727 (see last picture). Excellent example!