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English No.4 MKI bayonet by Singer, cruciform blade and MK1 scabbard, (ABCN32)(K2)(JN60-1)

EN123 EXC R3
Status  SOLD

Lee Enfield 303 No.4 MKI, PM Sten MK5. serial number A  3192 (unusual!) on shank. Excellent bright finisched cruciform spike blade with first cm blued. Electric pencil marking on the right side of the blade after the ricasso.  2C 72 /I\. (Hard to read) Crisp marking on shank; G.- Crown- R. , No.4- MK1 and makers logo; SM (Singer Manufacturing of Clydebank, Scotland) in three lines. The reverse is marked 362. Slot is marked; SM over 41./I\ . Excellent correct all metal MKI scabbard, marked No.4 MK I.  and 1944 on the zinc  scabbard throat. Throat shows some use only. Comes with a very good plus British made light kahky Pattern 1937 frog (AC 154) illigibe marked on the reverse side and a leather secruring tab (AC 163) with a brass ring. (Ref. P 37 frog and secruring tab. See Janzen's Notebook. Page 149)

Rare genuine model. Singer signed a contract on 9th June 1941 for only 75.000 bayonets! The very first Mk I steel scabbards were made with steel mouthpieces till March 1941 before the production changed to zinc (Mazac) mouthpieces.

Superb serial numbered example and a complete correct set! Genuine, not a copy!!!
New item, pioctures folllow later.