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English M 1888 MKI Lee Metford bayonet, second type by MOLE. (ABCN561)(K175)(JN55-2)

EN144 VGC+ R2
€ 225,00

Lee Metford M 1888 rifle. Serialnumber 496 on pommel. Excellent+ bright finished double edged blade. Rare British makers name: MOLE (= Robert Mole & Sons, Birmingham) and date 6 '97 very crisp in two lines on ricasso. Very crisp markings : Broad arrow, and crown over B over 26 (= Birmingham inspection marking) and X bend mark on reverse. Blade spine with two very crisp Birmingham inspection markings.  Bright finished pommel and crossguard with lightly staining only but no rust or pitting. MRD 16,5 mm. Oil hole in grip. Wooden grips fixed with two brass rivets. Right grip with Birmingham inspection mark Crown over B over 35 and left grip with two light indentations. Black leather scabbard with bright finished fittings. Fittings show crisp Birmingham inspection markings and serial number 960 and 0968 7. Small dent in chape.
Robert Mole & Sons is a very rare maker.