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English M1863 Whitworth experimental bayonet (ABCN1891-1)(K1000)(JN 51-1)

EN104 EXC R4
€ 475,00

Experimental M1863 Whitworth rifle. No s #. Excellent bright polished fullered yataghan blade with Crown over VR crisp on ricasso and Enfield marking E-Crown- 31 on reverse side. Excellent bright pommel with typical circular mortise slot and Enfield marking E-crown-33 on blade tang. Excellent cross guard with forward swept quillon, muzzle ring (MRD 20.2 mm.) with cock comb. Excellent black checkered leather grips with Enfield markins on both grips E-Crown-37 and blued external spring. Very good black leather scabbard with all stitches intact and blackened fittings . Chape shows some small dents.
Very scarce bayonet!. Only 8.206 experimental Whitworth oval bore muzzle loaders and bayonets were made in 1863 by the R.S.A.F. at Enfield.  These rifles and bayonets were issued to selected regiments only with a maximum of 68 rifles each unit!