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Belgium M 1889 sabre bayonet for Fortress Artillery and Gendarmerie (ABCN1618-1)(K 438)(JN 0)

Status  SOLD

Belgium Gendarmerie and Fortress Artillery M 1889 Mauser carbine Cal. 7.65. Serialnumber  U 34114. Matching!. Excellent very long straigth bright finished fullered blade with Belgium inspection marking; crown over JB on the ricasso. Excellent bright metal pommel with inspection marking on press catch. Excellent crossguard unit marked U in a circle (=5e Regiment fortress artillery)  and forward swept quillon with final and muzzle ring MRD 17,3 mm. Beautiful wooden grips secured by bolts. Excellent black painted metal scabbard without any dents showing > 85% of the original black paint.
The rarest and most beautiful bayonet of the Belgium M 1889 Mauser bayonet series.