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German made M 1895 Mannlicher bayonet by ERNST BUSCH SOLINGEN (ABCN305-5)(K0)(JN97-3)

GE133 EXC R3-4
€ 255,00

Austrian Mannlicher M 1895 rifle. Serial number: 92 1739 with electric pen on crossguard . Excellent bright fullered reversed blade with German makers name in two lines on ricasso; ERNST BUSCH, SOLINGEN. Blade spine is crisp marked Crown- W- 17-inspection mark. Bright pommel and crossguard with muzzle ring MRD 15 mm. Much smaller catch than normal M 1895. Pommel with a faint German inspection marking. Excellent wooden grips are riveted to the blade tang. Excellent and correct green painted metal scabbard with no markings and no dents.

These, only in 1917 and 1918 by Ernst Busch in Solingen-Germany made M 1895 bayonets, were produced special for German troops equipted with Austrian Mannlicher rifles to assist the Austrio-Hungarians at the Austrian frontline in WWI.

Quite a rare German WWI made M 1895 bayonet for the M 1895 Austrian Mannlicher rifle. This one was pos war re-used by Bulgeria, hence the electric pen serial number on the crossguard.