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Belgium M 1868 Sawback Engineers bayonet(ABCN1264)(K384)(JN16-3)

€ 445,00

Belgium M 1777 carbine and M 1868 Terssen system rifle. Serial number  V 3202 on crossguard. Very nice heavy 76 theeth sawback blade with large fullers on both sides. There are some patches with light pitting on the left side of the blade only, but not very serieus. Belgium crown over HD inspection marking and date 1868 on ricasso. LD on blade spine. GB in a box and rampant lion over C in a cartouch on the reverse ricasso. Serial number V 3202 in two rows on bright polished crossguard. Excellent brass hilt with T slot and two inspection markings on pommel. Excellent bright crossguard with fastener screw on top of the muzzle ring MRD 17 mm. Forward swept quillon. No scabbard.

Beautiful impressive bayonet used by engeneers. Black leather scabbard with brass fittings are very rare.